Do You Want to Unearth the Secrets to Ignite, Unleash, or Take Charge of Your Creativity?

That’s Right…Your Genes Have Little To Do With Creativity…


Feel, Imagine, or Ask Yourself….

“What would your life, or that particular segment of it, be like when you now hold the instruments to harness and capitalize on your creative powers by your choice, by your design? What things are you now able to accomplish?

You Are Absolutely Right In What You Believe.

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If you believe you aren’t creative then you are right…However if you believe you possess the ambition, have the right attitude, and are eager to enhance your creativity then…

Our Creativity Enhancement Workshop Is Custom-Designed Just For You…

Simply stated, this workshop takes you to the depths and heights of creativity and to its source. Delegates, such as yourself, rapidly learn how to access, maintain and direct their creative state at will. This workshop also debunks “myth-conceptions” about creativity, while teaching individuals how to build useful beliefs about this force residing within. You may be asking yourself how we do this. We use a multi-disciplinary approach, for example, incorporating Fine Arts fundamentals, Creative Writing’s formal principles, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming’s (NLP) cutting edge techniques.


...“I greatly enjoyed John’s workshop, with its mixture of lecture and exercises. It nurtured the states necessary to bring forth a greater access to my creativity and my abilities to persuade. I highly recommend this Creativity Enhancement workshop to anyone who would like to exercise their creativity.”

Martin F. D.C.
Creativity Enhancement - Stockholm, Sweden

...“I can say that Creativity Enhancement workshop was a reminder to use all senses and that it is possible to train your brain and become clever at things that you think you can’t. The Creativity Enhancement workshop reminded me of how important it is to think in the right way - "it is all in the mind" as you say. I enjoyed the drawing and painting exercises. The painting exercises gave me something to think about, meaning how I react to what other people tell me to do.”

Heidi R.
Creativity Enhancement - Stockholm, Sweden

And The Following Are Just Some Of The Things You Will Learn…

Do you want to acquire the skills to:

• Obliterate creative blocks?
• Use your body and voice to intensify your creative state?
• Unlock your secret vaults of creativity?
• Transform limiting beliefs into powerful ones so that they propel you in the direction of your creative choice?
• Detect and troubleshoot creative problems?
• Discover existing multiple opportunities in your grasp?
• Experience whole brain integration so you can capitalize on your creative reserves?

By the way, you might have figured this out already, but I’ll state the obvious….



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Somewhere along the line you may have acquired the belief(s) that creativity was reserved for the so-called “gifted” few – artists of various sorts, or the privileged. Nevertheless, I’m certain that either you know someone or have heard of people who aren’t artists by any stretch of the imagination, but they are creative. You base your judgment about these individuals from their ability to get consistent and unique results in a specific area, or various areas of their life.

You probably picture yourself, wishing that one day you, too, could be like them, having that “magic,” so to speak. Then you remember what you’ve always told yourself, time and again, and most likely have told others – what you believe, “Creativity is reserved for the artist. Those people I know who aren’t artistic have something. Maybe it’s luck or something else.” Adding charcoal to the fire, you further rationalize your thoughts by saying, “It’s a “gift” I don’t have….But I wish I did!”

The moments in your life where and when you’ve demonstrated creativity you might have said it was just an oddity. It’s not you. Then…

My Question To You Is….

“If it wasn’t you…then who was it?” Or another question might be…. “What were you doing to set alight this creative state?”

Putting It Simply…

These are inner conflicts. And these clashes of useless thoughts, beliefs, etc. about whether you are creative or not have their consequences. They trigger aftershocks, which have their cumulative effects…rippling throughout your life. For example, that sought-after ideal career you’ve coveted, having a prerequisite that you must have within you the ability to express yourself and generate innovative ideas.

These requirements cause you to shy away from what you seek the most. They force you to take a mediocre job, resulting in you being frustrated on a constant basis…driving you to become…..well, you full in the rest.

But, wait. There’s more. What about those prized secret dream(s) of yours? That longing to truly express your unique self – like you see or hear others do – whether it’s singing, writing your novel, painting or sculpting your work of art or anything else you can think of? These desolate beliefs and inner tug-of-war force you to stand on the sidelines as an “observer” instead of being the participator – the active agent in your life, working for your best interests. I can go on and on. But you get the point… yes?

In short, your lack of strategy in knowing how to tap into and harness that reservoir prevents you from maximizing your potential in the domain of your choice, be it work, recreation, relationships, etc.

It’s common knowledge that in today’s world the mentally agile and creative mind is a bankable asset. Do you want to be among the privileged elite?

If so, apply.


Creativity Enhancement

Customer Reviews

...“At the moment I can’t imagine a better way to spend a Saturday in February in Stockholm than enjoying your workshop and inspiring company. I especially liked the part of going beyond and recognizing it as something I have done a great deal in my life; I just haven't realized it earlier. Now that I recognized it I can use it more consciously. I also liked the part about lowering and changing the sound and texture of critical voices. I actually used it before a job interview on Monday the week after and it helped me to stay focused. Thank you again for an inspiring day.”

Nina T.
Creativity Enhancement - Stockholm, Sweden

...“I thoroughly enjoyed the very special magic that I experienced, all together as a group and with you as a very inspiring leader. You had the ability to make the most out of all your deep teaching and you gave all of us your special attention.

Since the workshop I can see more clearly when I put up my wall in front of me and I have the ability to just take it down. Before I felt stuck behind it, and I didn't think I had a choice, but now I know deep from inside that I always have a choice. I feel free now to make my own choice and I'm very grateful for all your teaching that made me aware this.

Thank you so very much for your workshop.”

Ewa M.
Creativity Enhancement - Stockholm, Sweden

Creativity Enhancement

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